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Welcome to week 2 of my transmog gold making series this week I continued in my efforts to fill out my auction house, however I was much more selective this week in what I actually put on the auction house and what I vendored.

I put more of an emphasis on a transmogs sale rate and whether or not it had a unique appearance. I even went back to some of the items I had on the AH and started culling the undesirable items that I had placed on the AH in the first week.

Compared to last week as you’ll see through this weeks sales I’ve begun to see daily sales which is nice. If you haven’t done so and want to here is Week 1 of this series.

What I Farmed This Week

For this week I farmed four different dungeons:

  • Iron Docks for 30 runs in 3 hours and 29 minutes
  • Scarlet Monastery for 20 runs in 1 hour and 26 minutes
  • Wailing Caverns for 50 runs in 2 hours and 28 minutes
  • Blackfathom Deeps for 30 runs in 2 hours and 24 minutes

Which adds up to 9 hours and 47 minutes spent gold farming this week.

Iron Docks

Iron Docks Transmog Farm

I started this week off with some Iron Docks to help broaden my auction house and quickly found that it has lots of transmog with inflated values. That isn’t to say that the dungeon is not worth farming though as it did have some items definitely worth putting on the auction house.

Scarlet Monastery

Scarlet Monastery Transmog Farm

I returned to Scarlet Monastery again this week but only for a little bit as I was looking to focus more on Wailing Caverns/Blackfathom Deeps this week.

Wailing Caverns

Wailing Caverns Transmog Farm

Wailing Caverns has an interesting loot pool and it drops many great transmog items that have good prices and sale rates. I would have ran this dungeon more this week but I had already received more than enough copies of the Deviate Hatchling (a pet drop from this dungeon). So instead I decided to test my luck at Blackfathom Deeps.

Blackfathom Deeps

Blackfathom Transmog Farm

Either I had insane luck this week at Blackfathom Deeps or this dungeon is packed with incredible transmogs pieces that have decently high drop rates. I found this dungeon quite fun to run especially on a druid where the water doesn’t slow me down too much.

Notable Drops

Last week I used the NA and EU averages on the TSM website which I now see is quite inaccurate so I’ve now shifted to using the Undermine Exchange. I’ve also decided to list my notable items using medians rather than averages as I feel averages can tend to be inflated.

Also just to note, when I post items on the auction house I never post more than 2 of the same item so if I receive say 3 or 4 copies of the same item unless it’s an exceptionally valuable or fast selling item I just vendor the extras.

Iron Docks

ItemPrice/Gold (my realm)NA medianEU median
Caniki’s Cane of Command258,900g390,500g157,100g
Vinewrapped Greatsword7600g10,700g14,500g
Stonebreaker Shield11,600g15,400g9000g

Scarlet Monastery

No notable drops

Wailing Caverns

ItemPrice/Gold (my realm)NA medianEU median
Barbaric Loincloth x 26963g (Sold x 2)26,000g35,000g
Grizzly Jerkin8000g23,100g25,200g
Barbaric Cloth Vest6000g20,000g27,200g
Bloodspattered Loincloth24,300g21,500g6800g

Blackfathom Deeps

ItemPrice/Gold (my realm)NA medianEU median
Spiked Chain Leggings14,200g (Sold)21,500g6,800g
Feral Shoulder Pads10,000g40,000g63,800g
Grunt’s Legguards x 218,200g19,000g8200g
Sanguine Star347,000g (inflated)32,000g30,300g
Greenweave Branch28,200g40,500g37,600g

Additional Drops from Blackfathom Deeps:

Spiked Chain Shoulder Pads x 1

War Paint Shoulder Pads x 1

Feral Harness x 3

Prospector’s Chestpiece x 2

Ritual Shroud x 2

Mystic’s Shoulder Pads x 1

Mystic’s Wrap x 1

Ritual Tunic x 2

Watcher’s Cinch x 1

Sentry’s Gloves x 1

Watcher’s Cinch x 3

Gold Earned

Before I start detailing my sales this week I have to apologize, my TSM tracking messed up this week (most likely due to me moving the game to a SSD).

So unfortunately while I can still tell how much gold I made this week I can’t determine how much came from transmog and how much from trade goods.

I’ll still make the best of the information I have though.

So anyways this week I made a total of 75,798g (about 50,000g more than last week). From this 66,109g came from auction house sales. Here is the breakdown.

  • 61,501g from transmog sales
  • 4608g from trade goods sales
  • 9689g from raw gold and vendored items

I would detail here how many individual transmog items I sold this week but I don’t have that information. My best guess is 60-80 items which as you can tell means I’ve been receiving daily sales! Most of which were low valued fast selling transmog (100g-500g).

Top Sales This Week

ItemSold For
Spiked Chain Leggings14,250g
Barbaric Loincloth x 26963g x 2 (13,926g total)
Hardened Leather Tunic1805g
Plans: Mighty Iron Hammer1709g
Plans: Golden Scale Leggings1495g
Here is my top sales this week according to TSM.

The Spiked Chain Leggings was from a drop I received this week in Blackfathom Deeps and the 2 Barbaric Loincloths were from Wailing Caverns.

auction house sales page 1
Page 1 Sales: 53,484g
auction house sales page 2
Page 2 Sales: 12,445g

Next Weeks Goals

I guess for next week my biggest goal is not to mess up my TSM tracking (sorry again) but besides that I’d like to continue farming some other popular dungeons (Dire Maul, Razorfen Kraul etc.) and maybe reach 1000 total transmog items on the auction house.

Wrap Up

So despite the TSM trouble this week the transmog selling has ramped up a bit so that’s great. I’ve been receiving daily sales and while the profits made still aren’t amazing for time spent it’s looking better.

gold graph
Gold Graph for Week 2


  • 23 hours 21 minutes spent farming all together.
  • 101,309g made so far.
  • Roughly means 4348g made per hour farmed…

I now have 762 transmog items on the auction house worth around 2.3 million gold. However as was inevitable with this many transmog items, this gold amount is quite inflated due to a few select items.

So if I were to make my best guess and say my items are worth maybe 1.7 million that means per hour farmed I’ve collected 73,000g in market value.

If we take my best guess of 60-80 transmog items sold this week and with a total of 762 items on the auction house. This means I sold roughly ~10% of my total items this week.

A total of 61,501g in transmog sales this week with a total of 2.3 million in auction house value equates to selling ~2.7% of my market value this week or 0.39% a day.

total gold
Gold Total This Week: 101,309g

That’s it for this week thank you for reading this far and if you have any questions or advice/suggestions as always I would be grateful to receive them!

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