Zul'Farrak Transmog gold farming

Transmog in gold farming is known to be slow selling and advice given by experienced gold makers is that you need hundreds if not thousands of items listed on the auction house before you can expect daily sales or reliable income.

For the first week of this transmog gold farming series I decided that it would be beneficial to follow this advice and get as many transmog items on the AH as possible to speed up the setup process. To do this I decided to be not so strict on what items I would put on the auction house.

If you have not already done so and want to find out, click here to read about what this series will be about!

What I Farmed This Week

I farmed three different dungeons in this first week:

  • Zul’Farrak for 90 runs in 9hrs 30mins
  • Scarlet Monastery for 40 runs in 3hrs 9mins
  • Mana-Tombs for 10 runs in 55mins

This means I’ve spent a total of 13 hrs and 34 mins farming this week!

To start the week I did Zul’Farrak as it’s a dungeon that many gold farmers advise transmog sellers to farm to fill out their auction house.


To keep from getting too bored of just farming the same thing over and over I also did Scarlet Monastery which I chose because I’ve had some luck here in the past and also because I just enjoy farming this dungeon.

Scarlet Monastery Transmog Gold Farming

I also decided to test my luck getting some TBC schematics/patterns in Mana-Tombs but didn’t farm it all too much.

Overall for this week I’d say I was slightly unlucky in terms of drops/items received, especially at Zul’Farrak. Getting “The Butcher” and “Beguiler Robe” drops in one farming session at Scarlet Monastery really saved this week.

Notable Drops

I wasn’t too sure how to determine what would be a notable drop but for now if it has at least a 10,000g average market value in either the NA or EU realms I’m going to have it as a notable item.


ItemPrice/Gold (my realm)NA avgEU avg
Tyrant’s Legplates x 37500g14,200g6800g
Recipe: Transmute Life to Earth53,500g50,500g22,000g
Boots of Avoidance4800g40,300g36,100g
Warden Staff742g9500g11,100g

As you can see I unfortunately did not receive any of the sought after expensive glorious or jade pieces but I did manage to get some of the cheaper ones like the Jade Belt.

Scarlet Monastery

ItemPrice/Gold (my realm)NA avgEU avg
Mail Combat Belt x 26900g14,700g5100g
Silver-Thread Armor10,000g15,500g18,900g
The Butcher66,000g42,700g46,200g
Beguiler Robes50,000g122,400g77,200g


No notable drops.

Lessons Learned

Half way through the week I realized that I’ve been vendoring grey transmog items which people actually buy…. Luckily I found out relatively early and now I’ll keep an eye out for such items. Some of them have rather decent prices and sale rates but whether I’ll get significant sales out of them. We will see in the following weeks.

Gold Earned

I had a total of 12,937g in sales this week and I ended the week with a total of 25,511g made. Here is the breakdown of where this gold came from.

  • 8847g from transmog sales
  • 3156g from trade goods sales
  • 13,508g from raw gold and vendored items this week.

What surprised me was the amount of gold coming in from raw gold and vendored items. Given I farmed for roughly 13.5 hours this means I recieved ~1000g per hour of farming in raw/vendored gold.

Something I expected however is the low amount of transmog sales. In fact almost all of the transmog income this week came from the lucky sale of a singular item (Runed Ring for 7583g).

auction house sales
Sold Auctions This Week: 12,937g
transmog sales
transmog gold farming
Transmog Sales This Week: 8,847g

Next Week’s Goals

So I’ve ended the week with a total of 388 transmog items on the auction house which is honestly pretty good despite the fact a lot of it is low tier/valued items. Next week I’ll lessen the amount of Zul’Farrak I run as it seems I’ve received a majority of the green transmog pieces and I’m seeing an increasing amount of duplicates.

While transmog is a numbers game it is also a variety game, so next week I might look into farming Mana-Tombs or maybe even Iron Docks.

Wrap Up

Here is the gold graph for this week. I only started week 1 from Tuesday onwards hence why the gold graph looks like that. The sharp increase at the end is me opening all my sales at the end of the week.

gold graph tsm
Gold Graph For This Week

As you can see week 1 of this transmog gold farming series was rather slow. Which is entirely expected but hopefully it’ll pick up in the following weeks. So remember that the goal of this series is to answer the questions. Can you make gold from transmog farming? How much gold can you make from transmog farming? Is it worth farming transmog for gold?

All of these are rather subjective so hopefully through my weekly updates I can help answer these questions for you. Anyways here is a stat for you guys. I farmed for 13 hrs and 34 minutes this week and made 25,511g. This means I made roughly 1889g/hr farmed this week…

However I’ve now built up an inventory of 388 items on the auction house for a total market value of 622,826g. Meaning I acquired around 46,000g in market value per hour farmed. Not amazing but not too shabby considering I received no big item drops.

total gold
Gold Total This Week

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