Persona 3 Reload Classroom Questions and Answers

Hello and welcome to my guide on the Persona 3 Reload classroom questions and answers. I hope it helps you out, if there are any missing or incorrect answers please let me know. I hope you enjoy your time playing Persona 3 Reload!

All the correct answers are in bold with an asterisk “*” next to them.



QuestionAmong these phrases, “a rain of flowers,” “mystical mirage,” and “vivid carp streamers,” which one symbolizes summer?
Answer1. A rain of flowers
2. Mystical mirage
3. Vivid carp streamers*


QuestionThe places where people dumped their waste in the Jomon period — what are they called nowadays?
Answer1. Boneyards
2. Middens*
3. Hovels


QuestionWhich of the following is not an algebraic spiral?
Answer1. A*
2. B
3. C
4. D



QuestionWhat do you call the device that helps generate electric power for the train?
Answer1. A pantograph*
2. A piston
3. A master controller


QuestionWhich tool did he use in his experiments?
Answer1. The hourglass
2. The pendulum*
3. The planisphere


QuestionWhat’s the other name for ‘May Sickness’ –the more casual one?
Answer1. May Days
2. May Blues*
3. Moody Blues
Persona 3 Reload Classroom Guide

First Semester Midterm Exam

5/19 – 5/22

QuestionWhat is the other common expression used to describe “May Sickness”?
Answer1. May Blues*
2. Moody Blues
3. May Days
4. Dropsy
QuestionWhich of the following did Leon Foucault use in his experiments on the rotation of the Earth?
Answer1. A magnet
2. A tuning fork
3. A pendulum*
4. A vacuum tube
QuestionWhich of the following is generated by a pantograph?
Answer1. Frictional heat
2. Electricity*
3. Magnetism
4. Cold air
QuestionDuring which historical period were middens most commonly used?
Answer1. Jomon*
2. Yayoi
3. Kofun
4. Asuka



QuestionWhich phrase means, “able to see things for what they really are?”
Answer1. Keen Eye*
2. Mean eye
3. Bright eyes


QuestionWhat early religious practice was the origin of magic?
Answer1. Totemism
2. Animism
3. Shamanism*


QuestionWhat else do people call this curve?
Answer1. Orthogonal curves
2. Fermat’s spiral
3. Witch of Agnesi*


QuestionWhat’s it called when the air bubbles in a whirlpool bath hit you and make your body vibrate?
Answer1. The anchor effect
2. The flutter effect*
3. The bubble jet phenomenon


QuestionWhat form of natural magic is used to find water sources?
Answer1. Dowsing*
2. Divining
3. Channeling
Persona 3 Reload Classroom Questions and Answers



QuestionWhat kinda tale is he takin’ about?
Answer1. About a peaceful world
2. About public opinion
3. About romance*


QuestionWhere is the comma splice found in the following sentence?
Answer1. Between “now” and “we”
2. Between “time” and “it’s”*
3. Between “started” and “to”


QuestionAt the same time, a serious problem arose for the farmers. Do you remember what that was?
Answer1. Land invasion
2. Environmental destruction
3. Social disparity*


QuestionWhat is the esoteric study of Jewish texts?
Answer1. Lemegeton
2. Gnosticism
3. Kabbalah*


QuestionNow, what do you think that item was? It’s something every samurai needs!
Answer1. The katana*
2. Armor
3. The rifle

First Semester Final Exam


QuestionWhich form of magic is used to find water sources?
Answer1. Scrying
2. Dowsing*
3. Channeling
4. Summoning


QuestionHow did the Witch of Agnesi gain the first half of its name?
Answer1. The shape is bewitching
2. Its enchanting formula
3. An error in translation*
4. A witch invented it


QuestionWho designed the prototype for the katana?
Answer1. Taira no Masakado*
2. Yoshinobu Tokugawa
3. Prince Shotoku
4. Hojo Tokimune


QuestionThere’s an error in this sentence, what kind is it?
Answer1. Incorrect apostrophe
2. Comma splice*
3. Missing subject
4. Misspelling
Persona 3 Reload Exam Questions and Answers



QuestionWhich property of electricity is relevant to superconductivity?
Answer1. Voltage
2. Resistance*
3. Current


QuestionDo you know what it means to “spill the beans”?
Answer1. To drop money
2. To break into a smile
3. To reveal a secret*


QuestionWhich book helped further the art of magic during the Renaissance?
Answer1. Book of Enoch
2. The Book of Thoth
3. The Hermetica*


QuestionWho is one referring to when speaking of their “better half”?
Answer1. Their soulmate*
2. Their rival
3. Their mentor


QuestionWhat is the collective name for the four holy numbers in numerology?
Answer1. Tetrodotoxin
2. Tetrakarn
3. Tetractys*



QuestionWhich hormone is the one in your brain that provides a sense of achievement?
Answer1. Melatonin
2. Dopamine*
3. Histamine


QuestionWho was the founder of Theosophy, a group that gave rise to many other magical societies?
Answer1. Eliphas Levi
2. Helena Blavatsky*
3. Aleister Crowley

Second Semester Midterm Exam


QuestionThe hormone dopamine is related to our sense of accomplishment. Name a symptom of its over-production.
Answer1. Excessive ego
2. Self-glorification
3. Addiction*
4. Apathy Syndrome


QuestionWho is considered by many to be the first numerologist, whose name lives on today in a mathematical theorem?
Answer1. Pythagoras*
2. Euclid
3. Hypatia
4. Turing


QuestionWhat happens when electrical resistance reaches zero?
Answer1. Superelectricity
2. Superelasticity
3. Superconductivity*
4. Supertransformativity


QuestionWhat is the meaning of the phrase “to spill the beans”?
Answer1. To be noisy
2. To break into a smile
3. To reveal a secret*
4. To clarify your point


QuestionWe used the number “zero” a lot. Do you know where it originally came from, though?
Answer1. Egypt
2. India*
3. Rome


QuestionWhich Roman goddess has been theorized as the namesake for the month of April?
Answer1. Diana
2. Minerva
3. Venus*


QuestionBut there’s one region that instead calls it “the month with gods,” because that’s where they all go! Do you know which one it is?
Answer1. Dotonbori
2. Izumo*
3. Ise


QuestionA certain enzyme brings out the sweetness in them when they’re baked. Do you happen to know what it is?
Answer1. Beta-amylase*
2. Lactase
3. Glucose



QuestionWhat is the ancient Indian magical test I mentioned today?
Answer1. The Upanishads*
2. The Mahabharata
3. The Ramayana


QuestionWhat was she describing with such a sparse line?
Answer1. Her favorite time in winter*
2. The setting of the plot
3. Instructions for the reader


QuestionIn the poem that Genji, the protagonist, sends to her, what did he compare her to?
Answer1. The cherry blossom*
2. A cat
3. The hydrangea



QuestionWhat’s the name of the stratospheric layer of molecules comprised of three oxygen atoms?
Answer1. The ozone layer*
2. The ionosphere
3. The homosphere


QuestionWhat sorcery was Himiko said to have used?
Answer1. Onmyodo
2. Kido*
3. Jugondo


QuestionDo you know which of the following is an irregular plural noun?
Answer1. Wishes
2. Lives*
3. Dreams

Second Semester Final Exam


QuestionWhich of the following originated in India?
Answer1. The number zero*
2. Imaginary numbers
3. Systems of linear equations
4. Factorials


QuestionWhen heated, the beta-amylase enzymes in sweet potatoes react with the starch present to produce which disaccharide?
Answer1. Sucrose
2. Maltose*
3. Galactose
4. Maltese


QuestionWhich Roman goddess has been theorized as the namesake for the month of April?
Answer1. Ceres
2. Minerva
3. Venus*
4. Diana


QuestionIn The Tale of Genji, who does Hikaru Genji compare to cherry blossoms?
Answer1. Onna San no Miya
2. Lady Fujitsubo
3. Aoi-no-Ue
4. Murasaki-no-Ue*


QuestionWhich of the following words is not in the correct plural form?
Answer1. Mice
2. Cacti
3. Moose
4. Geeses*


QuestionWhat do we call the feeling of joy that comes from a near-death experience?
Answer1. Euphoria*
2. Utopia
3. Yugoslavia



Question“The new year is the index of a journey to a certain place.” Where is this “certain place” he’s referring to?
Answer1. One’s hometown
2. One’s second life
3. The underworld*


QuestionI’ve mentioned two Greek sorceresses. One was Medea. Who was the other?
Answer1. Poleis
2. Circe*
3. Hecate

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