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Welcome to Terokkar Forest located in Outland. In this post I’ll be testing out some Terokkar Forest gold farming routes and their GPH!

Purpose of This Post

The objective of this post, along with others in this series, is to give you a clear understanding of the gold-per-hour (GPH) of various gathering farms across different zones.

Although I’ve shared the specific routes I used for testing, the main goal here is to help you determine whether a particular zone is currently worth farming.

Current Market Values

(Prices Last Updated: 3 hours ago)

ItemCurrent Value (NA)Current Value (EU)
Khorium Ore405g 0s 0c208g 89s 0c
Fel Iron Ore10g 98s 0c4g 45s 0c
Eternium Ore49g 43s 0c35g 76s 0c
Adamantite Ore2g 44s 0c0g 76s 0c
Primal Fire236g 84s 0c149g 95s 0c
Primal Earth8g 0s 0c1g 59s 0c
Primal Life63g 0s 0c80g 0s 0c
Terocone2g 74s 0c4g 0s 0c
Dreaming Glory1g 84s 0c1g 28s 0c
Felweed1g 73s 0c1g 49s 0c
Fel Lotus6g 99s 0c6g 70s 0c
Mana Thistle9g 43s 0c3g 10s 0c
Deep Peridot0g 75s 0c0g 90s 0c
Blood Garnet0g 81s 0c1g 20s 0c
Flame Spessarite0g 77s 0c0g 88s 0c


Here are the routes that I’ve tested. If you’d like to use these routes, the best way is to use both the Routes and Routes Import/Export addons and copy paste the code for the route you’re interested in into the import box in the addon.

If that sounds confusing at all click here for a short written tutorial on how to do this.

Terokkar Forest – All Herbs & Ore Route

Average loot per hour:

Khorium Ore1.3
Fel Iron Ore88
Eternium Ore18
Adamantite Ore129.3
Primal Fire1.5
Primal Earth8.6
Primal Life3.3
Dreaming Glory80.3
Fel Lotus3.6
Mana Thistle5

This route tracks all of the herbs and ore in the zone of Terokkar Forest.

In this route you’ll be farming a mix of ores such as Fel Iron Ore, Eternium Ore, Adamantite Ore and the occasional Khorium Ore. As well as herbs like Terocone, Dreaming Glory and Felweed.

Current GPH of this route

Last Updated: 3 hours ago

GPH3942g 58s 0c2533g 54s 20c

Terokkar Forest – Mining Route

khorium ore farm
fel iron ore farm
eternium ore farm
adamantite ore farm
WoW mining gold farm

Average loot per hour:

Khorium Ore11.6
Fel Iron Ore131.3
Eternium Ore24
Adamantite Ore182.3
Primal Fire3.3
Primal Earth12
Primal Life0.8
Dreaming Glory34
Fel Lotus1.6
Mana Thistle6
Deep Peridot1.6
Blood Garnet1.6
Flame Spessarite1.3

This route focuses on mining and you’ll mainly be farming Khorium Ore, Fel Iron Ore, Eternium Ore and Adamantite Ore.

You’ll also come across various herbs but it’s up to you and the current prices if you feel they’re worth the time to loot as well.

Current GPH of this route

Last Updated: 3 hours ago

GPH8909g 68s 80c4760g 29s 30c

Terokkar Forest – Herbalism Route

Average loot per hour:

Primal Life3.76
Dreaming Glory82.6
Mana Thistle7
Fel Lotus4.6

This route tracks all the herbs within the zone and you will be mainly farming Terocone, Felweed and Dreaming Glory.

The route is actually quite similar to the mining & herbing route but for the sake of proper testing, I still tested the route while making sure not to pick up any ores (even if they overlapped with this route) in order to find out the GPH differences.

Current GPH of this route

Last Updated: 3 hours ago

GPH992g 20s 20c1091g 93s 80c

That’s it for this post on Terokkar Forest gold farming. I hope you’ve found it useful and if you decide to try some of these routes out, good luck!

As always if you have any questions or recommendations please feel free to leave a comment below.

If you’d like to see all my posts on WoW gold farming click here.

Thanks for reading!

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