Hello and welcome to my transmog gold making series! If you’re a World of Warcraft player, you’ll know that gold farming is an activity that many players participate in.

This can be for various reasons such as players wanting to acquire their favorite pets, sustain their subscription, or even reach the illustrious gold cap. I’ve dabbled with gold making in the past (mostly during BFA), using various money making methods like professions, flipping items, and farming transmog.

All of which I did in order to achieve my goal of obtaining the Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur, aka the Longboi.

wow gold making

Purpose of this Series

In this series I aim to investigate the following questions: can gold be effectively generated through transmog? How much gold can you expect? How time consuming is it? In addition to sharing my insights and experiences, I hope to inspire both veteran farmers and novices alike with fresh ideas and strategies.

Goals of the Series

Initially my aim is to determine the potential gold that can be made when focusing exclusively on transmog farmed from the open world, dungeons or raids. However just to note, any items I obtain directly from transmog farming such as pets, or trade goods will also be sold. Essentially anything obtained directly from doing an open world farm, dungeon or raid will be ok to sell.

If I achieve some success however, my ambitious long-term goals include reaching the gold cap of a staggering 10 million gold and obtaining super rare items, such as the coveted Papal Fez.

wow transmog gold making
transmog gold farming


To accomplish these objectives, I’ll use various farming methods related to transmog, including dungeon runs, raids, and open world farming. I’m taking this challenge on as a solo player, so no group farms will be used. The specifics of which dungeons I’ll farm, how frequently, and with what strategies will be shared as I progress.

Posting Schedule

For now I intend to update the series on a weekly basis every Monday.

Final Thoughts

Your participation is not only welcomed but strongly encouraged. If you have any queries throughout the series or if you can offer seasoned advice and tips, I would be extremely grateful!

If you are also farming transmog for gold let me know and feel free to follow me along this journey.

So, are you ready to join me in this exciting search for loot?

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