Hello there and welcome to my quick guide on collecting the pets within Black Temple.

The Black Temple is found in Shadowmoon Valley in Outland and it contains 6 pets that drop from 4 different bosses.

As long as you have a maxed leveled character this old raid should prove to be no problem for you. My recommendation is if you can bring along a toon that has some movement abilities as it’ll help make clearing the raid a little faster.

The Pets of Black Temple

The pets that drop within Black Temple are:

  • Leviathan Hatchling
  • Abyssius
  • Fragment of Anger
  • Fragment of Suffering
  • Fragment of Desire
  • Sister of Temptation
black temple pets
Black Temple Location (Green Circle)

The Bosses That Drop Pets

High Warlord Naj’entus

leviathan hatchling
black temple pet
High Warlord Naj’entus

High Warlord Naj’entus the first boss of the raid has a 23.11% chance to drop a Leviathan Egg which will give you the Leviathan Hatchling pet.

Leviathan Hatchling – Image Credit: Wow Pets


black temple pet

Supremus has a 14.3% chance to drop a Shard of Supremus which gives you the Abyssius pet.

Abyssius – Image Credit: Wow Pets

Reliquary of Souls

fragment of anger
fragment of suffering
fragment of desire
black temple pets
Reliquary of Souls

The Reliquary of Souls drops the following pets:

  • Fragment of Anger – 8% chance
  • Fragment of Suffering – 9% chance
  • Fragment of Desire – 8% chance

Mother Shahraz

sister of temptation
Mother Shahraz

Mother Shahraz has a 21.11% chance to drop a Sultry Grimoire which will give you the Sister of Temptation pet.

Sister of Temptation – Image Credit: Wow Pets

After killing and looting Mother Shahraz no bosses after her in Black Temple drops any pets, so you can just leave the raid from here if you wish.

However if you’re looking to collect some transmog or potentially get the achievements for clearing this raid. I’d recommend killing the final few bosses remaining.

Additionally, if you’re looking to continue collecting pets from other Burning Crusade raids and/or also an achievement hunter, look here at the Raiding with Leashes III: Drinkin’ From the Sunwell achievement.

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