Hello and welcome to this guide for the “The Scavenger” achievement in World of Warcraft.

For this achievement we’ll be travelling across Azeroth and The Outlands to a variety of locations ranging from the Western Plaguelands to Zangarmash to fish from 5 junk nodes. The Scavenger awards 10 achievement points upon completion.

The five junk nodes that we’ll need to fish from to complete this achievement are:

  • Steam Pump Flotsam
  • Schooner Wreckage
  • Floating Wreckage
  • Bloodsail Wreckage
  • Waterlogged Wreckage

General Tips

There are no set locations for these fishing nodes so refer to the links provided under each junk node and fly around the locations following the pins.

There seems to be a set amount of fishing pools/nodes that can be up at a time. So if you are flying around an area and cannot find the junk node you’re looking for, fish from any of the fishing pools you see to remove them to have a chance for the junk nodes to spawn.

You don’t have to fish from the 5 junk nodes in any particular order, so go about them as you wish.

Steam Pump Flotsam

The Steam Pump Floatsam nodes can be found here. It’s only location being Zangarmash in The Outlands.

the scavenger achievement

I found my Steam Pump Flotsam node here just south-west of Cenarion Refuge.

steam pump flotsam
Fishing from the Steam Pump Floatsam Junk Node

Schooner Wreckage

The Schooner Wreckage node can be found here. It’s locations include Wetlands, Ashenvale, Hillsbrad Foothills, Stonetalon Mountains, Arathi Highlands.

However I would advise against going to Stonetalon Mountains or Arathi Highlands due to the lack of potential fishing nodes.

the scavenger

I found my Schooner Wreckage junk node here in Mosshide Fen.

schooner wreckage
Fishing from the Schooner Wreckage Junk Node

Floating Wreckage

Floating Wreckage nodes can be found here. It’s locations include Eastern Plaguelands, Swamp of Sorrows, Tanaris, Blasted Lands and Thousand Needles.

The only location I would not recommend would be the Thousand Needles.

wow achievement

Personally I found my node while in Tanaris after farming Zul’Farrak for some transmog, just south of Gadgetzan.

floating wreckage
Fishing from the Floating Wreckage junk node

Bloodsail Wreckage

Bloodsail Wreckage nodes can be found here. It’s locations being The Cape of Stranglethorn and Northern Stranglethorn.

Both these locations have a good amount of potential nodes so either is fine.

wow achievement guide

I found my Bloodsail Wreckage node in Northern Stranglethorn here.

bloodsail wreckage
Fishing from Bloodsail Wreckage junk node

Waterlogged Wreckage

Lastly Waterlogged Wreckage nodes can be found here. It’s locations being Western Plaguelands, Desolace, Dustwallow Marsh, Feralas.

All of the locations are ok but preferably not Feralas. I personally recommend Western Plaguelands due to the simple path of the fishing nodes.

world of warcraft achievement guide

I found my Waterlogged Wreckage node here in the Western Plaguelands. South-east of Andorhal or north-west of Uther’s Tomb

waterlogged wreckage
Fishing from Waterlogged Wreckage junk node

Once you’ve fished in all five of the junk nodes above, you have officially completed and achieved “The Scavenger” achievement! Gratz!

the scavenger achievement

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