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I can’t believe it’s been around 2 months now since I started this series! Welcome back to week 8 of this transmog gold farming series and once again I’ve had another great week, setting new records once again.

This week Sunwell Plateau schematics continued to carry the sales and a new schematic sale this week takes the record for the biggest item sale in this series.

Before we jump into week 8 I’d like to talk about the future of this series. I’m considering wrapping up this transmog experiment by week 10 and I’ll be discussing this later on in the post.

If you are just jumping in and would like to see all of the weekly updates in this series click here.

What I Farmed This Week

This week I farmed the following:

  • Sunwell Plateau for 30 runs in 1 hour 18 minutes
  • Razorfen Downs for 20 runs in 1 hour 8 minutes
  • Shadowfang Keep for 10 runs in 36 minutes
  • Saltstone Cave for 2 hours 0 minutes

Total time spent transmog gold farming this week = 5 hours 2 minutes

sunwell plateau transmog gold farming
Sunwell Plateau
razorfen downs transmog gold farming
Razorfen Downs
shadowfang keep gold
Shadowfang Keep

I decided to try some new farms this week and one of them was Shadowfang Keep. As you’ll realize with the short amount of time I’ve spent here this week, I don’t really like farming here.

I’m not entirely sure why but it might be due to the long RP time and maybe because the dungeon feels very claustrophobic. Either way I may farm it some more in the future if I find myself lost as to what to farm.

saltstone cave transmog gold farming
Saltstone Cave

Another new farm I did this week was Saltstone Cave. An open world farm location roughly south-east of Razorfen Downs. The drops here are quite similar to RFD with the exception of a couple greens I believe. Overall I think RFD is the better farm but a change of pace is always nice.

Notable Drops

Sunwell Plateau

ItemGold/Price (my realm)NA medianEU median
Schematic: Mayhem Projection Goggles63,900g75,500g55,000g
Pattern: Leather Chestguard of the Sun20,000g24,800g14,700g

Razorfen Downs

ItemGold/Price (my realm)NA medianEU median
Ebony Boneclub x 2125,700g109,200g64,800g
Firemane Leggings44,080g (sold)145,600g62,500g
Saltstone Surcoat22,600g37,500g29,700g
Saltstone LegChains19,200g118,600g70,000g
Briar Tredders5,400g51,700g27,300g

Shadowfang Keep

No notable drops

Saltstone Cave

ItemGold/Price (my realm)NA medianEU median
Saltstone Sabatons62,400g67,800g20,500g
Saltstone Surcoat22,600g37,500g29,700g
Saltstone LegChains19,200g118,600g70,000g

Gold Earned

This week I made 377,252g from transmog gold farming, which once again sets a new record for total gold made in one week! Here is the breakdown:

  • ~361,183g from transmog in 55 items
  • ~2,582g from trade goods
  • 4083g from raw gold + vendored gold

This beats the previous record (week 7) by 17,921g for most gold made in one week.

Transmog Sales Breakdown

Here is the transmog sales breakdown for this week:

Price RangeItems SoldGold Made
100,000g-Max Gold265,977g

So a little more activity in the lower price ranges than normal but as always the 10,000g-100,000g range brings in the most gold. The 1000g-10,000g range however I feel I may be underappreciating as it typically brings in a stable 20-40k a week.

Also if you’re wondering how 2 items sold in the 100,000g-Max Gold range (Vendetta and Defias Mage Staff) don’t even add up to 100,000g that’s because firstly the Vendetta has dropped massively in market value since I first acquired it.

Secondly, as for the Defias Mage Staff, I simply didn’t know how to price the newly introduced items so I threw it into the most expensive price range.

transmog sales week 8
Transmog Sales: 361,183g

Notable Sales

ItemSold For
Schematic: Justicebringer 3000 Specs (Sunwell)116,158g
Schematic: Hyper-Magnified Moon Specs (Sunwell)76,421g
Defias Mage Staff (Deadmines)47,500g
Firemane Leggings (Razorfen Downs)44,080g
Vendetta (Razorfen Kraul)18,477g
Excavator’s Brand (Uldaman)7,211g
Excavator’s Brand Uldaman)7,070g
Pattern: Black Dragonscale Shoulders6,159g
Cross-Stitched Shoulderpads2,446g
Symbolic Gauntlets (Saltstone Cave)2,375g
Pattern: Barbaric Gloves1,968g
Dark Iron Leather (Gnomeregan)1,822g
Recruit’s Robe1,773g
Tree Bark Jacket (Blackfathom Deeps)1,741g
Squire’s Pants1,613g
Oaken War Staff1,401g
The Black Knight (Razorfen Kraul)1,335g
Pattern: Guardian Armor1,317g
Quagmire Trudgers (Wailing Caverns)1,206g

So as I previously mentioned the new schematic sale of “Schematic: Justicebringer 3000 Specs” sets the record for the biggest item sold in this series for a massive 116,158g.

Last week I was talking about how I didn’t expect sales from the reintroduced items I got from Deadmines as I thought they were too common and that I would be undercut extensively. However to my surprise I managed to sell the Defias Mage Staff for 47,500g so either I got lucky or I was completely wrong. I guess we will see, if the other reintroduced Deadmine transmog items continue to sell in the following weeks.

Next Weeks Goals

So as I mentioned earlier I’m thinking of ending this series with week 10 being the last update. My reasoning is that I believe I’ve pretty much answered all the questions I was seeking to answer when I started this series. Which were questions such as “How much gold can I make transmog farming?” or “How time consuming is it?”. Week 10 is also a nice round number so I’ve decided to continue for 2 more weeks.

But as for next weeks plans I’ll look into restocking some items that have sold, so maybe I’ll do some Razorfen Kraul or Uldaman or even some Island Expeditions.

Wrap Up

To end this week I have a total of 995 transmog items up on the auction house with a total market value of around 17.6 million gold.

Price RangeTotal Items
100,000g-Max Gold21

It has been a little while since I last dropped under 1000 total transmog items but that is because I’ve increased my minimum market value for a transmog item to 200g. As you can see there’s a big dip in the amount of items now in the 0g-500g range. However the rate at which I’m acquiring transmog is still outpacing the rate they are selling which is great.

Gold Per Hour Calculations

CriteriaTotal TimeGold MadeGPH
Total time farmed this week5 hours 2 minutes377,252g~75,000g/hr
Total time farmed this week + total posting time*7 hours 2 minutes377,252g~53,663g/hr
Total time farmed this series55 hours 19 minutes1,385,888g~25,052g/hr
Total posting time this week = 2 hours (posted 4 times, ~30 minutes each time)

So once again, another great week boosts the overall gold per hour of this series, which is now about about 25,000g/hr.

monthly gold chart
Gold Chart (1 Month)

That’s it for this week thanks again for stopping by. As always if you have any questions or recommendations please feel free to leave a comment below. If you are also transmog gold farming I hope your sales are going well. See you next week.

total gold week 8
Total Gold: 1,385,888g

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