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Welcome back to the transmog gold farming series! This week has been a series of wins, with multiple significant sales accumulating to quite a decent sum. Just a week ago, I achieved my biggest week with a total of 222,312g made. Yet, with a bit of luck, I’ve somehow beat that record in this following week and have officially have crossed the 1 million total gold mark.

If you are just jumping in and would like to see all of the weekly updates in this series click here.

What I Farmed This Week

This week I farmed the following:

  • Sunwell Plateau for 50 runs in 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Sludge Fen for 1 hour 0 minutes
  • Deadmines for 5 runs in 19 minutes
  • Gnomeregan for 15 runs in 1 hour 20 minutes

Total time transmog gold farming this week = 4 hours 54 minutes

sunwell plateau gold farming
Sunwell Plateau

As you’ll see from my sales last week and this week, the schematics that drop here in Sunwell Plateau have been selling like hotcakes on my realm. So I was restocking them as long as they were selling.

This is probably due to the new profession achievements that were introduced in 10.1.7, so if you’re reading this early on I’d highly recommend farming here. Just search up “Sunwell Plateau Trash Farm” and follow the routes, don’t kill the bosses though since it is a raid.

sludge fen gold farming
Sludge Fen

I came back to Sludge Fen this week to restock on some items that have sold. Great fast selling gear like the barbaric, ceremonial, bloodspattered and war torn can drop here so whenever I’m low on those I just drop by here.

deadmines transmog gold farming

With the introduction of previously removed items in 10.1.7 I decided to check out Deadmines this week to farm some of these items such as the Defias Rapier and Metalworking Gloves.

However I quickly found that the items were way too common and after only 5 runs and had 2 Defias Rapiers and a bunch of other items. Due to this I decided the removed items from Deadmines were too common to be worth anything and didn’t farm further.
Despite this there were some items that I picked up that were definitely good additions to my auction house so I may come back to pick those up later on.

gnomeregan transmog gold farming

A dungeon that I’ve not farmed so far in this series. I decided to stop by here this week to begin learning the route and accessing a new loot pool to expand my transmog stock. There are some super items like the Hotshot Pilot Gloves that can drop here so it’ll be a good addition to the farming list.

Notable Drops

Sunwell Plateau

ItemPrice/Gold (my realm)NA medianEU median
Pattern: Vengeance Wrap100,500g77,200g34,600g
Schematic: Justicebringer 3000 Specs69,200g72,400g47,800g
Schematic: Lightning Etched Specs56,999g (sold)76,000g72,500g
Schematic: Primal-Attuned Goggles32,300g (sold)113,500g43,700g
Schematic: Hyper-Magnified Moon Specs x 276,000g (sold x 1)80,300g48,000g
Pattern: Embrace of the Phoenix x 337,200g32,200g22,700g
Schematic: Powerheal 9000 Lens x 233,000g76,800g55,500g
Plans: Hard Khorium Battleplate24,600g14,200g6,100g
Pattern: Carapace of Sun and Shadow22,500g20,400g16,900g
Pattern: Sun-Drenched Scale Chestguard x 29,000g27,700g16,900g
Pattern: Sunfire Robe x 21,000g13,000g5,900g

Sludge Fen

ItemPrice/Gold (my realm)NA medianEU median
Tribal Boots147,300g100,000g30,000g
Brackwater Cloak x 245,300g67,800g61,100g
Battle Chain Gloves29,900g15,200g22,600g
War Torn Girdle18,500g15,000g7,000g
Tribal Buckler16,600g50,600g66,900g
Barbaric Loincloth9,600g23,700g20,900g
Beaded Sandals x 311,167g (sold x 1)12,100g18,200g
Ceremonial Leather Loincloth7,900g36,800g29,500g
Bloodspattered Loincloth3,100g16,200g5,700g
Barbaric Cloth Vest1,700g20,000g25,600g


ItemPrice/Gold (my realm)NA medianEU median
Defias Rapier x 2****
Defias Mage Staff****
Metalworking Gloves****
Blackened Defias Leggings****
Goblin Mail Leggings****
Soldier’s Cloak16,089g (sold)13,200g32,800g

*Patch 10.1.7 has brought in some previously removed items which currently have no set market values.


ItemPrice/Gold (my realm)NA medianEU median
Techbot CPU Shell****
Black Velvet Robes32,900g23,000g17,600g

*I assume the Techbot CPU shell is another previously removed item that has returned to the game, however I’ve not heard anything about this item unlike the returned gear from Deadmines.

Gold Earned

This week I made a total of 359,331g from transmog gold farming and have officially passed the 1 million total gold mark here is the breakdown:

  • ~344,638g from transmog sales in 45 items
  • ~1203g from trade goods
  • 5095g from raw gold + vendored gold

So a whopping 359,331g in one week! That smashes my previous best week (last week) by 137,019g. To be honest as I was reaching the end of the week I was willing those sales through so that I could pass the 1 million gold mark and luckily I made it past by about 8000g.

Total Gold From Sales: 354,236g

Transmog Sales Breakdown

Here is the transmog sales breakdown for this week:

Price RangeItems SoldGold Made
100,000g-Max Gold00

So clearly a week made up of high ticket sales with the 10,000g-100,000g bracket pulling a total of 299,705g in 11 items. That’s an average of 27,245g made per item sold in this price range this week.

Notable Sales

ItemSold For
Schematic: Hyper-Magnified Moon Specs (Sunwell)76,421g
Schematic: Lightning Etched Specs (Sunwell)56,999g
Spiritbough Belt (Island Expeditions)35,023g
Schematic: Primal-Attuned Goggles (Sunwell)32,300g
Doomforged Straightedge (Blackrock Depths)20,900g
Schematic: Hard Khorium Goggles (Sunwell)18,524g
Soldier’s Cloak (Deadmines)16,089g
Dragonrider’s Harness x 2 (Island Expeditions)13,668g (27336g)
Beaded Sandals (Sludge Fen)11,167g
Silver-Thread Rod (Scarlet Monastery)7,259g
Barbaric Loincloth7,220g
Pattern: Deviate Scale Gloves (Wailing Caverns)4,940g
Schematic: Power Amplification Goggles (Sunwell)4,750g
Satyr’s Rod3,882g
Bloodforged Shield2,666g
Formula: Enchant Gloves – Riding Skill (Uldaman)2,565g
Manual: Strong Anti-Venom2,426g
Zealot Blade (Razorfen Kraul)1,945g
Grizzly Jerkin1,900g
Schematic: Bright-Eye Goggles1,887g
Chief Brigadier Leggings1,660g
Eyegouger (Zul’Farrak)1,199g

The biggest sale this week was for the “Schematic: Hyper-Magnified Moon Specs” for 76,421g from Sunwell which is now the biggest item sold so far in this series. The previous biggest item being the “Caniki’s Cane of Command” from Iron Docks for 74,966g in week 3.

Transmog Sales This Week

So another week with Sunwell schematics making up the bulk of the sales. If we look past these sales however, some rather interesting sales were made this week. The Doomdorged Straightedge which dropped for me in week 3 sold. Back then its market value was a crazy 85,000g so it has dropped quite a bit since then.

Some island expedition gear sold this week with 2 of my Dragonrider’s Harness from last week selling and a Spiritbough Belt from week 5. The Dragonrider’s gear dropped in market value from last week but interestingly the Spiritbough belt actually rose in value since week 5.

Next Weeks Goals

Given that the Sunwell schematics are still selling I’ll continue restocking them until the sales slow down. I’m also looking to explore other farms next week so maybe I’ll so some Shadowfang Keep and some more Gnomeregan, which I did a bit of this week.

Wrap Up

To end this week I have a total of 1062 transmog items up on the auction house with a market value of ~14.7 million gold.

Price RangeTotal Items
100,000g-Max Gold19

Gold Per Hour Calculations

CriteriaTotal TimeGold MadeGold Per Hour (GPH)
Total time farmed this week4 hours 54 minutes359,331g~73,332g
Total time farmed this week + total posting time*6 hours 24 minutes359,331g~56,145g
Total time farmed this series50 hours 17 minutes1,008,636g~20,060g
*total posting time this week = 1 hour 30 minutes (posted 3 times, ~30 minutes each time)

Another great week has further boosted the GPH of the entire series with it now crossing the 20,000g mark. This will likely continue to change in the following weeks but overall for transmog gold farming I peronally think that’s starting to look decent.

Since I’ve ended the week with essentially 1 million gold, it’s rather interesting to see that it took about 50 hours over the course of 7 weeks to hit this milestone. A large bulk of that gold being made over the last few weeks as sales ramped up.

Gold Chart (1 month)

That’s it for this week thanks again for stopping by. As always if you have any questions or recommendations please feel free to leave a comment below. If you are also transmog gold farming I hope your sales are going well, see you next week!

Total Gold: 1,008,636g

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