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Welcome back to my transmog gold farming series and thanks again for stopping by! This week for the first time in this series I’ve not increased, but decreased, my total number of transmog items for sale on the auction house.

I’ve continued in my efforts to slowly remove low valued items and in adding pricier rarer items. Overall while my total number of auctions has decreased my AH market value has still gone up.

If you are just jumping in and would like to see all of the weekly updates in this series click here.

What I Farmed This Week

This week I farmed the following:

  • Uldaman for 15 runs in 1 hour 21 minutes
  • Scarlet Monastery for 25 runs in 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Razorfen Kraul for 20 runs in 1 hour 6 minutes
  • Island Expeditions for 2 hours 53 minutes

Total time farmed this week = 6 hours 35 minutes


I continued with a bit of Uldaman this week hoping to get lucky and maybe get a Ginn-Su Sword or something similar. I’ve been working on a speed set for my druid so maybe I’ll be able to farm Uldaman a bit more efficiently in the future.

Scarlet Monastery
Scarlet Monastery

I saw some blues drop this week at Scarlet Monastery and unfortunately the “Sunblaze Coif” while rare does not have a unique appearance so I’ll not be placing it on the AH and just leave it in the bank, maybe to start a rare item collection.

Razorfen Kraul
Razorfen Kraul

Razorfen Kraul was nice to me this week and I received 3 blue transmog drops with only 1 hour here this week. 1 Slaghammer and 2 Wolfclaw Gloves. You’ll notice that the gloves go for barely anything on my realm though so maybe some cross-realm flipper will pick them up.

Island Expeditions
Island Expeditions

Finally started farming Island Expeditions this week. They were a nice change of pace from just farming content where I one shot everything. Prior to this I’ve never done any transmog gold farming here so I was pleasantly surprised by the high valued items.

I managed to average 7-9 minutes for each island run so I’m definitely not the fastest out there.

Notable Drops


ItemPrice/Gold (my realm)NA medianEU median
Formula: Enchant Gloves – Riding Skill2300g11,800g19,400g

Scarlet Monastery

ItemPrice/Gold (my realm)NA medianEU median
Sunblaze Coif300,600g149,000g70,000g
Resplendent Guardian31,400g37,600g17,500g

Razorfen Kraul

ItemPrice/Gold (my realm)NA medianEU median
Wolfclaw Gloves x 210,800g90,200g44,700g
Raincaller Scepter10,600g10,700g11,100g
Sentry’s Surcoat x 29,800g10,500g7100g

Island Expeditions

ItemPrice/GoldNA medianEU median
Wild Marauder Chainmail581,000g (inflated)150,000g99,300g
Wild Marauder Pauldrons95,000g63,200g200,000g
Rattling Bone Legguards95,000g40,000g41,800g
Firekin Bindings5000g21,600g7300g
Plundered Molten Reaper3200g22,400g15,000g


ItemPrice/GoldNA medianEU median
Plans: Golden Scale Shoulders45,000g56,800g33,900g

Gold Earned

This week I made a total of 98,206g here is the breakdown:

  • 90,674g from transmog sales in 94 items
  • 1407g from trade goods sales
  • 6125g from raw gold + vendored item gold

So almost 100,000g made this week all without any massive sales like last week and overall I’m pretty happy with this.

I’ve started noticing some patterns in my transmog sales. Often when someone is purchasing an item they usually buy multiple pieces of it, if the piece is in a set. Additionally a significant portion of my sales seem to come in during the weekends, which makes sense as it’s when the most players are on.

So this information is quite useful as you could come to the conclusion that it’d be beneficial to aim to have the entirety of a desirable set up as when that sales comes through, the buyer may potentially purchase the whole set.

Transmog Sales Breakdown

Here is the transmog sales breakdown for this week:

  • ~9298g from 54 items in the 0g-500g range
  • ~6433g from 14 items in the 500g-1000g range
  • ~38,066g from 25 items in the 1000g-10,000g range
  • ~19,948g from 3 items in the 10,000g-100,000g range
  • 0g from 0 items in the 100,000g-Max Gold range

So if you add this all up you’d realize that it only adds up to 73,745g and at this point I’ve realized that expecting TSM to have totally accurate tracking is somewhat unrealistic. While the gold amounts from the transmog sales breakdown here are somewhat inaccurate the overall breakdown in the above section (gold earned section) is accurate.

I tried to think of some potential reasons as to why but I’m at a loss. If you do have an idea though, please leave a comment I would greatly appreciate it!

Notable Sales

ItemSold For
Brackwater Cloak (Sludge Fen)9497g
Silver-Thread Rod (Scarlet Monastery)7350g
Wolfclaw Gloves (Razorfen Kraul)6650g
Auchenai Staff (Iron Docks)5964g
Scraggly Cloth Vest (Iron Docks)4739g
Aboringinal Loincloth (Sludge Fen)3800g
Orunai Cord (Iron Docks)3437g
Flaming Incinerator (Zul’Farrack)3387g
Tyrant’s Legplates (Zul’Farrack)3383g
Evermorn Wand (Iron Docks)1971g
Enduring Cape1766g
Pattern: Deviate Scale Cloak (Wailing Caverns)1455g
Troll Protector (Zul’Farrack)1424g
Glorious Breastplate (Zul’Farrack)1397g
Pattern: Guardian Armor1391g
Aboriginal Footwraps1234g
Ceremonial Leather Harness1134g
Alabaster Shield1000g

This week I’ve tried to add the sources of where my notable sales originally dropped as I thought some people may find it useful. Typically for sales over 10,000g this is easy to remember and verify, but for the lower valued items it’s a little bit harder, especially if they can drop from multiple sources. Either way I hope you guys find this to be a useful addition.

transmog gold farming
Sales this week: 92,082g

So with the sale of the Caniki’s Cane last week and multiple notable sales coming from Iron Docks this week, I think it’s time I revisit it next week. So far Iron Docks has been my most profitable transmog farm so far (sales wise) so if you’re looking to do some transmog gold farming why not hop on over to Iron Docks if you haven’t already?

Next Weeks Goals

Next week I’ll be farming more BFA Island Expeditions as I’ll have the Island Plunderer order advancement by then which will let me farm the islands more efficiently.

As previously discussed I’ll also be restocking my Iron Docks transmogs next week as a lot of my stock has sold off.

Other than these farms I’ll likely be looking over my stock and doing specific farms where I feel I need to restock.

Wrap Up

At the end of this week I have 1044 total transmog items up on the auction house.

  • 401 items in the 0-500g range
  • 194 items in the 500g-1000g range
  • 404 items in the 1000g-10,000g range
  • 39 items in the 10,000g-100,000g range
  • 6 items in the 100,000g-Max Gold range

As you can see the drop in total transmog items this week is almost entirely attributed to the drop in items from the 0-500g range. Having 1000+ items on the auction house begins to take time to post so I’ve begun to cut down on the low valued items. Despite this the 0-500g range still pulled in a decent amount (9298g) this week.

I end this week with 374,170g which is more than enough for a NA wow token now.

  • Total time farmed this week was 6 hours 35 minutes with 98,206g made which results in a gold per hour this week of ~14,900g
  • Total time farmed this series is 36 hours 27 minutes with 374,170g made which results in a gold per hour of ~10,251g

These numbers are beginning to look rather decent and this is heightened by the fact that I still have a large stock up on the auction house that would likely continue to sell even if I just posted them and stopped farming altogether.

transmog gold making
Total Gold: 374,170g
transmog farming
Gold Graph (Monthly)

So that is it for this weekly update I hope you find this useful or interesting if you have any questions or advice related to transmog gold farming please feel free to leave a comment below, thanks for reading I hope to see you next week!

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