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Hello and welcome back to the final week in this transmog gold farming series. Thank you to everyone for following along over these 10 weeks. While this is the last week for this transmog series this doesn’t mean I’ll be stopping with gold making content so feel free to stop by from time to time!

If you are just jumping in and would like to see all of the weekly updates in this series click here.

What I Farmed This Week

  • Sunwell Plateau for 50 runs in 2 hours 10 minutes
  • Sludge Fen for 30 minutes

Total time spent transmog gold farming this week = 2 hours 40 minutes

So as I’m wrapping up the series there wasn’t much of a need to continue farming all too much, but I did stop by Sunwell Plateau as always and a tiny bit of Sludge Fen as well.

sunwell plateau gold farm
Sunwell Plateau
sludge fen gold farm
Sludge Fen

Notable Drops

Sunwell Plateau

ItemGold/Price (my realm)NA medianEU median
Pattern: Manaweave Cloak143,300g98,100g70,000g
Schematic: Annihilator Holo-Gogs95,500g92,700g57,100g
Schematic: Justicebringer 3000 Specs62,600g77,500g52,000g
Schematic: Lightning Etched Specs60,000g88,100g66,300g
Schematic: Quad Deathblow X44 Goggles53,000g93,700g65,900g
Schematic: Surestrike Goggles v3.036,100g100,400g54,100g
Formula: Enchant Weapon – Potency13,946g (Sold)21,100g17,700g
Pattern: Leather Chestguard of the Sun14,400g19,700g13,800g

Sludge Fen

ItemGold/Price (my realm)NA medianEU median
Ancestral Gloves24,300g23,000g12,800g
Barbaric Cloth Vest x 224,300g20,000g20,200g
Barbaric Loincloth18,000g24,900g20,000g
Grizzly Jerkin17,300g15,700g7,700g
Ceremonial Leather Ankleguards17,200g50,000g46,400g

Gold Earned

In this final week I made a total of 191,527g. A nice amount to end the series off with. Here is the breakdown:

  • 188,091g from transmog in 28 items
  • 370g from trade goods
  • 3,056g from raw gold + vendored gold

Transmog Sales Breakdown

Here is the transmog sales breakdown for this week:

Price RangeItems SoldGold Made
100,000g-Max Gold00g

The total number of transmog sales this week was 28 which is less than the amounts I was seeing a couple weeks ago but still consistent enough when compared to last week.

Notable Sales

ItemSold For
Schematic: Mayhem Projection Goggles (Sunwell)69,014g
Schematic: Lightning Etched Specs (Sunwell)56,999g
Barbaric Loincloth (Sludge Fen)17,373g
Formula: Enchant Weapon – Potency (Sunwell)13,946g
Schematic: Powerheal 9000 Lens (Sunwell)9,500g
Mail Combat Leggings7,253g
Ritual Shroud3,287g
Sage’s Stave of the Aurora2,850g
Long Bastard Sword1,371g

As per usual the Sunwell schematics make up the vast majority of gold made. The sale of the “Schematic: Mayhem Projection Goggles” was the largest sale this week for 69,014g.

Wrap Up

To end this final week I have a total of 989 transmog items up on the auction house with a total market value of ~15 million gold.

Price RangeTotal Items
100,000g-Max Gold24

Gold Per Hour Calculations

CriteriaTotal TimeGold MadeGPH
Total time farmed this week2 hours 40 minutes191,527g~71,732g/hr
Total time farmed this week + total posting time*4 hours 40 minutes191,527~41,012g/hr
Total time farmed this series63 hours 46 minutes1,676,097g~26,283g/hr
*Total posting time this week = 2 hours (posted 4 times ~30 minutes each time)

Now that the series has ended and with 10 weeks of data available to us, the final GPH for this series is about 26,000g/hr. I feel this is reasonably accurate as I’ve had some great weeks but also bad weeks to help balance it out. Of course though the main factor that’ll affect this is the realm that you are on.

Over the course of 10 weeks and 63 hours and 46 minutes of farming I’ve made a total of 1,676,097g.

So while the main reason why I’m transmog gold farming is because I find it fun and enjoyable, 26k per hour isn’t too bad in my opinion, it certainly is better than many if not most gathering methods.

If we take the GPH of this series and total time farmed. We get an average of ~6.4 hours farmed per week with an average of 166,791g made per week!

Gold Graph over 3 months

That’s it for this week and for the series! As I mentioned earlier while the series is ending I’m not going to stop making gold making content so feel free to stop by once in while. As always if you have any questions or recommendations please feel free to leave a comment below.

Total Gold: 1,676,097g

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