Starting your journey in Hades? Here are five simple yet effective Hades tips and tricks that can help improve your gameplay and navigate the challenges of the underworld more effectively. Let’s get started!

5. Talk To Everyone

Whenever you find NPCs with an exclamation mark above them make sure that you go and talk to them. This not only progresses the plot but occasionally will unlock upgrades and new features.

Plus the interactions between Zagreus and all of the characters is a joy to listen to in-between all the chaos you’ll be causing in the underworld.

Hades Tips and Tricks

4. Keep an Eye Open for Wells of Charon

When you’re making your way through and out of the underworld occasionally you’ll come across some Wells of Charon which will become interactable once you’ve cleared the floor of all enemies.

Keep an eye open for these as they can offer some much needed resources such as healing or darkness. However they can be very easy to miss so watch out!

Hades for Beginners
Here’s what a Well of Charon looks like in case you didn’t know!

3. Focus On Getting Darkness and Chthonic Keys Early On

Focus on getting darkness and chthonic keys in the beginning as they’ll help you progress in powering up Zagreus a little faster.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t go for some boons during your early runs though! You’ll still need to power of the gods to help you in the underworld!

Hades Guide
Hades tips and tricks
Chthonic Key

2. Don’t Hoard Your Darkness

Try not to hoard your darkness as it’s a large factor in increasing Zagreus’s strength early on.

There’s also no need to be worried about spending darkness on power-ups that you may want to change later.

This is is because later on for the cheap price of one chthonic key you can refund all your darkness at the mirror and use them however you like, whenever you want.

Tips and Tricks for Hades

1. Don’t Worry Too Much About Builds

Lastly, don’t worry too much about builds. Playing to your personal preferences whether it be weapon or boon choice will in turn create a much more enjoyable experience for you.

Also don’t be afraid of experimenting with different mixes of boons and weapons, it’s half the fun!

Hades Tips

There you have it, that was five simple Hades tips and tricks to help you in the underworld. The path out of the underworld will be a tough one but remember to have fun! Good luck!

If you have your own tips and tricks and want to share, feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section.

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