felcloth gold farm
mooncloth gold farm
Misty Valley

Welcome to this Felcloth gold farm located in Misty Valley within the zone of Swamp of Sorrows. In this simple farm we will be killing “Misty Grell” for the chance at them dropping Felcloth.

You will not need any professions for this farm but a speedset is HIGHLY recommended. I’ve tested this farm solo so all the estimated GPHs are based off of this.

However, as this is an open world farm if you can/want, grouping up with friends will be a great way to increase the GPH made for everyone involved!

Current Market Values

Prices Last Updated: 2 hours ago

ItemCurrent Value (NA)Current Value (EU)
Felcloth49g 99s 0c61g 73s 0c
Mooncloth150g 0s 0c126g 33s 0c

If Mooncloth is priced at more than double the cost of Felcloth, consider using tailoring to convert your Felcloth into Mooncloth. Since it requires 2 Felcloth to produce 1 Mooncloth, this conversion can potentially boost your Gold Per Hour (GPH).


Average loot per hour:

felcloth gold farming
mooncloth gold farming

As mentioned earlier this farm is located in the northwestern region of Swamp of Sorrows. The location is circled in red in the image above.

Misty Valley
Misty Grell

Here’s a closer up image. All you have to do in this farm is simply loop around the two ponds as depicted in the image above and kill all the “Misty Grell” mobs that you see. They don’t drop Felcloth 100% of the time so it may take a bunch of kills before you get one to drop.

Additionally transmog also drops here so if you’re a transmog farmer as well its a nice little bonus. In my time testing here nothing really notable drops though transmog wise, just the occasional piece worth posting.

Gold Per Hour Calculations

Last Updated: 2 hours ago

Felcloth GPH

This is the GPH if you farm the Felcloth and sell it directly without converting it to Mooncloth.

GPH4479g 10s 40c5531g 0s 80c

Mooncloth GPH

If you decide to convert all your Felcloth to Mooncloth here is the GPH of this farm. Keep in mind Mooncloth may take longer to sell.

GPH6720g 0s 0c5659g 58s 40c

That’s it for this Felcloth gold farm. If you’d like to see all my content on WoW gold making/farming click here.

As always if you have any questions or recommendations please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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