There’s a unique combination of suspense, fear, and team spirit that only co-op horror games can create. You know that heart-racing tension of slowly walking down a dimly lit corridor?

It’s a whole lot more exhilarating when your gasps of fright are echoed by your friends. Whether you’re all huddled in collective terror or laughing off the scare moments later, these shared experiences bring an edge to the gaming experience that’s hard to beat.

In this article I’ll be diving into some of the best co-op horror games out here today. It doesn’t matter whether your new to the genre and looking for a new experience or a horror game veteran. I’m sure there’s a game here for you to enjoy with your friends or family.


co op horror games
Image Credit: Kinetic Games
  • Developed by: Kinetic Games

Starting off with a staple in the co-op horror genre is Phasmophobia. In this game you and your friends play as ghost hunting detectives.

Your goal is to identify what kind of ghost is haunting the premise, all while keeping yourselves out of danger.

You will deploy an arsenal of equipment ranging from sound sensors to electro magnetic field (EMF) readers all in the attempts to identify the ghost.

Personally Phasmophobia is one of my favorites and has been home to many of my most memorable co-op horror memories.

If you’re looking to get Phasmophobia to play with your friends there is a slight learning curve, but I assure you, not knowing how everything works is part of the fun!

Dead By Daylight

  • Developed by Behaviour Interactive

In Dead by Daylight a 4v1 multiplayer co-op horror game, you either embody a relentless killer or join forces with friends to evade a bloodthirsty villain.

Dead by Daylight borrows many iconic horror villain’s from popular franchises and introduces some original ones.

Teamwork in this game is the key to survival and makes for an incredibly terrifying co-op experience when playing as the survivors.

Project Playtime

co-op horror games
Image Credit: Mob Entertainment
  • Developed by: Mob Entertainment

In Project Playtime you play as employees of Playtime Co. and your job as a resource extraction specialist is to retrieve toy parts while avoiding the player controlled toy monster. The monsters sole aim? To kill you and your friends.

With its puzzle-solving elements and high-paced gameplay, Project Playtime, while having the same formula as Dead By Daylight, manages to create its own distinct, tense atmosphere.

Sons of The Forest

sons of the forest
Image Credit: Endnight Games
  • Developed by: Endnight Games

In Sons of The Forest, a sequel to The Forest, you and your group of friends find yourselves on a mysterious island. Its up to you guys to uncover the secrets of the island while surviving the onslaught of terrifying creatures.

If you loved The Forest you’ll love Sons of The Forest; with its updated survival features the game provides a thrilling co-op horror experience.

Midnight Ghost Hunt

midnight ghost hunt
co op horror game
Image Credit: Vaulted Sky Games
  • Developed by: Vaulted Sky Games

Midnight Ghost Hunt adds a twist to the classic ghost hunting aspect of co-op horror games. As the name suggests, you are on a mission to hunt ghosts.

However, these ghosts are no easy prey. They blend into their surroundings by disguising themselves as everyday objects. What ensues is a game of hide and seek that’s as hilarious as it is suspenseful. With diverse maps, each round is a unique experience.

The Outlast Trials

the outlast trials
co-op horror game
Image Credit: Red Barrels
  • Developed by: Red Barrels

Do you love the Outlast games? Have you ever wanted to play Outlast but with friends? The Outlast Trials is exactly that!

Set in the Cold War, you and your friends up to a party size of 4 play as human guinea pigs who are involuntarily recruited by Murkoff Corporation to test advanced methods of brainwashing and mind control.

With the promise of release upon completion of the therapy you and your friends must complete various trials and mk-challenges in order to eventually regain your freedom.


Image Credit: Straight Back Games
  • Developed by: Straight Back Games

Devour is a game I couldn’t recommend more. In this game you and your friends up to a party of 4 must work together to stop possessed cultists who are eaer to drag you and your friends to hell with them.

With various maps featuring their own dedicated possessed cultist, the game is kept fresh and engaging.

If your looking to play Devour with your friends I personally recommend using the in game voice chat feature as it really adds to the immersion.

Ghost Watchers

Ghost Watchers
Image Credit: Renderise
  • Developed by: Renderise Game Studio

Ghost Watchers, drawing heavily from the foundations laid by Phasmophobia, also puts you in the shoes of paranormal investigators on a mission to identify the type of ghost haunting the area.

What sets Ghost Watchers apart, however, is its aggressive ghost interactions and events. These elements make for a game experience that feels notably faster and more chaotic compared to Phasmophobia.

A unique feature of Ghost Watchers is its take on player death. Rather than permanently removing a fallen player from the game, it allows the player’s ghostly spirit to interact with the environment, continuing to assist their still-living friends, albeit in a limited capacity.

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2
Image Credit: Tripwire Interactive
  • Developed by: Tripwire Interactive

Killing Floor 2 is for those looking for a high paced gun slinging experience. You’ll be carving your way through waves of genetically modified creatures known as Zeds.

With each round becoming progressively more difficult Killing Floor 2 is a test of survival and skill.

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2
Image Credit: Valve
  • Developed by: Valve

In this iconic game you and your friends are faced with hordes of infected. Each of its various campaigns provide a set of unique experiences and challenges.

On top of this with the AI Director adjusting the intensity of the game according to the performance of your and your friends the game is incredibly replay-able.

We’ve explored a variety of co-op horror games, each of which that offers something unique. Hopefully you were able to find a new exciting co-op horror game that has piqued your interest. So gather your friends and brace yourselves for a truly heart-pounding experience!

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