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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has become a worldwide sensation among gamers since its launch. It has captured the hearts of many including mine due to its charming art style, chill gameplay and captivating world. In this article I will be listing some games like Stardew Valley in no particular order.

However are you now looking for some similar games to experience that sense of wonder and enjoyment all over again?

While the following games are all unique in their own ways. I’ve handpicked ten similar games that may capture the tranquil and free-spirited vibes of Stardew Valley. So, without further ado, let’s go!

10. Minecraft

games like stardew valley
Image Credit: Xbox
  • Developed by: Mojang Studios, a subsidiary of Microsoft

Minecraft is an open world sandbox game where you can do whatever you imagine. Truly! Want to go and start a farm next to a sprawling village? Or maybe construct your own underwater base? You can!

Minecraft and Stardew Valley share a common thread in that they both allow players immense freedom in how they play.

Like Stardew, Minecraft also incorporates core features such as fishing, farming, and managing/improving your home base.

Yet, the game’s adaptability doesn’t stop there. While Minecraft does include hostile mobs, it also offers a peaceful mode for those who’d prefer to focus on building, crafting, and exploring at their leisure.

In this mode, you can truly create and enjoy your world, uninterrupted, just like in Stardew Valley.

9. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Nintendo Switch Trailer
  • Developed by: Nintendo

In this charming social simulation game, you’ll secure a getaway package from the clever raccoon, Tom Nook, and take the reins as the architect of your own island paradise.

As you explore, gather, and craft, every choice you make shapes the landscape around you. Along the way, you’ll meet a host of endearing characters who might just become your neighbors one day.

Just like Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives you the opportunity to cultivate meaningful relationships with quirky characters who may end up becoming your island’s residents.

Similar to Stardew, you also have the freedom to farm, craft, and explore the environment at your own pace, creating a uniquely tailored adventure with every action you take.

8. Moonlighter

Image Credit:
  • Developed by: Digital Sun

In Moonlighter you step into the shoes of Will, a shopkeeper with a heart full of courageous dreams. By day, he manages his shop, selling treasures and trinkets gathered from his adventures.

As night descends, Will’s true calling surfaces. He bravely steps through mystical gates, embarking on thrilling journeys into otherworldly realms.

Each venture into the night enriches his store’s inventory and takes him one step closer to fulfilling his secret desire: to become a hero.

Stardew Valley and Moonlighter share a central theme of balancing life as a simple townsperson with the thrilling allure of adventure.

In both games, you start as an individual seeking more from life, be it escaping the corporate world to inherit a farm in Stardew Valley or being a shopkeeper yearning for heroic adventures in Moonlighter.

7. Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher – Official Launch Trailer
  • Developed by: Monomi Park

In Slime Rancher you play as Beatrix LeBeau, a fearless rancher who has set out on an interstellar adventure. On the ‘Far, Far Range’ you must manage your menagerie of slimes.

Slime Rancher is a game that merges the thrill of exploration with the delight of creating your very own quirky ranch.

Both Stardew Valley and Slime Rancher deliver a delightful blend of exploration, farming, and life simulation that give players an immersive and relaxing experience.

They share a charming and colorful art style, and both games revolve around the concept of starting with very little and gradually building up a prosperous livelihood, be it a thriving farm or a bustling ranch of slimes.

If you loved Stardew Valley I’m sure you’ll love Slime Rancher too.

6. My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia – PC Launch Trailer
  • Developed by: Pathea

Stepping off the boat and into the charming city of Portia, in this game you will inherit a workshop and the desire to fulfill your father’s legacy.

My Time at Portia‘ catapults you into a world brimming with life and colour. From crafting and farming to befriending locals and embarking on quests.

But your true task? Transforming your run down workshop into the city’s number one destination for fine craftsmanship.

Like Stardew Valley, ‘My Time at Portia‘ thrives on the peaceful rhythm of day-to-day life in a warm-hearted community.

The game offers a rich crafting system, a vibrant cast of characters to befriend, and even potential romance options.

While the setting might be a post-apocalyptic world instead of a quaint rural town, the emphasis on restoration and building up your own slice of paradise resonates with the heart of Stardew Valley.

5. Spiritfarer

Image Credit:
  • Developed by: Thunder Lotus Games

Spiritfarer is a cozy management game about dying. You play as Stella, the newly-appointed Spiritfarer, you are tasked with ferrying the spirits of the deceased to the afterlife.

During this heartfelt journey, you’ll cook, craft, fish, mine, and most importantly, hug. Inhabiting a hand-drawn world full of charm and love, you’ll form lasting friendships with unforgettable characters.

In many ways, Spiritfarer shares Stardew Valley’s core essence of community and care. Much like you nurture your farm in Stardew Valley, you tend to your spirit guests in Spiritfarer, forming deep, emotional connections.

While the themes are more poignant, revolving around death and saying goodbye, the game maintains a comforting atmosphere. From farming to crafting to cooking, it shares many of the same activities as Stardew Valley, all presented in a beautiful world.

4. Coral Island

Coral Island – Official Announcement Trailer
  • Developed by: Stairway Games

Coral Island is a re-imagined farm simulation game inspired by classics. Set in a tropical archipelago, the game invites you to leave the hustle of the city and embrace a laid-back islander lifestyle.

Build your farm, nurture island wildlife, dive and salvage relics, or just enjoy the local festivities and mingle with the town’s folks.

Sounds somewhat familiar doesn’t it? Coral Island is very much a games like Stardew Valley as it shares the same farm simulation roots as Stardew Valley. In both games, you’re given a plot of land to cultivate and transform into your dream farm.

However, Coral Island takes this concept and places it within a tropical island setting, bringing its own unique charm and gameplay elements.

From farming and animal care to befriending islanders and participating in seasonal festivals, Coral Island encapsulates many of the same beloved aspects that made Stardew Valley such a hit, but adds a refreshing tropical spin.

3. Forager

Forager – Announcement Trailer
  • Develoed by: HopFrog

Forager is a quirky 2D open world game that invites you to explore, farm, gather resources, and solve puzzles to build and expand your own island.

It’s a game that keeps you engaged, rewards your efforts, and allows you to enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your island grow, bit by bit.

Forager, much like Stardew Valley, is all about growth and progress. From a small start, you’re challenged to gather resources, craft items, and expand your territory.

Both games provide an open canvas to create and make the world your own, all the while exploring interesting landscapes and fulfilling quests.

Forager brings an addictive element of incremental progress and a unique blend of gameplay mechanics that Stardew Valley fans would surely appreciate.

2. Garden Story

Garden Story – Launch Trailer
  • Developed by: Picogram

Garden Story is an enchanting game where you play as Concord, a young grape tasked with the immense responsibility of restoring his community.

You navigate through different seasons, combat the invasive Rot, cultivate friendships, and make choices that shape the future of the grove.

Garden Story shares with Stardew Valley the themes of community and nature. As you nurture your grove back to health, you also tend to the relationships within your community, much like in Stardew Valley.

The charming and whimsical nature of Garden Story, its cultivation aspects, and the emphasis on forging bonds make it a worthy recommendation for those who love the tranquility and community spirit of Stardew Valley.

1. Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley – Gameplay Overview Trailer
  • Developed by: Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a vibrant world that brings all your favorite Disney characters to life in a charming mobile game.

Explore beautiful landscapes, help your friends build and manage their homes, and embark on enchanting quests filled with Disney magic.

While not strictly farming or crafting based, Disney Dreamlight Valley shares the joy of exploration and community-building with Stardew Valley.

The game involves helping your friends, learning new skills, and taking part in various activities to build a thriving community, similar to how Stardew Valley engages its players.

If you’re a fan of Disney and enjoy the communal, peaceful atmosphere of Stardew Valley, this game may bring a dash of magic to your gaming experience.

That wraps it up! That was ten games that you should play if you like Stardew Valley. If you’ve played any of these games already and like them as well or you have some other games you believe should be on this list, feel free to leave a comment!

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